Over 40 Murders Recorded in Westmoreland since the Start of the Year

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Jamaica News, April 16, 2018 – Over 40 Murders Recorded in Westmoreland

Westmoreland, Jamaica (McKoy’s New) – The police in the parish of Westmoreland say they will now have to come up with new crime fighting plans, in an aim to fight the surge in crime which has taken place since the start of the year.

The parish of Westmoreland has recorded a total of forty-four murders since the start of January 2018. This large total has now place the parish on top, with the most murders recorded in the island so far in 2018.

Our news team has also learnt from a police source that, more than half of the number of persons killed in the parish of Westmoreland over the past three months have been murdered in the Grange Hill and Sav-la-mar policing areas. It has been detected that almost all the murders have stemmed from gang related issues.

A large contingency of joint military patrols have been deployed across the communities, but  still the gunmen who travel mainly by motorcycle finds time to carry out their hideous acts.

As part of their new crime fighting plans, the police high command has transferred the current Superintendent in charge of the parish, and he will be taking leave from office come Monday, April 16, to make way for a new Divisional Commander.

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