Organized gang targeting Chinese business community

Jamaica News: Robert Hew, President of the Chinese Benevolent Association, is now recommending that members of the larger business community, not just Chinese business owners, take more stringent precautions to secure their business operations. This is in light of the up trickle in crimes against the Chinese business community and police investigators believing that a heavily armed and well-organized crime syndicate may be targeting Chinese-operated businesses in the western section of the island.
Hew is calling on all business owners to operate safely and organize safe measures to transport cash from their business establishments.
“It makes sense that as a business person you hire a security company rather than attempt a do-it-yourself approach. All Jamaican businessmen – not just those in the Chinese community — need to take those kinds of precautions, especially when local criminals in a certain area may believe you are an easier target,” Hew said.
In recent times serveral business owners have been targets of high profile robberies.
Late last month, for example, a group of armed men carried out major robbery of a Chinese-operated supermarket in Duncans, Trelawny. Reports from the police were that shortly after 8.30 am, the supermarket owner was opening the establishment when a motorcar was driven up to the front of the premises. Estimates are predicting that close to $1 million was lost in that incident.
Since then, a Chinese-operated business in Falmouth, Trelawny, was targeted and also robbed of both cash and goods.
The latest high-profile daylight robbery and murder, two men, one of whom was a popular Montego Bay businessman, were gunned down outside a bank in the city. The two deceased, both of Montego Bay addresses, were identified as 43-year-old Kenneth Chaifan Li of West Gates Hills, and 27-year-old security guard Carl Reid of Bogue Hill.
News Reporter: Marc Lodge

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