Opposition Senators Named

Opposition Leader Dr Peter Phillips has named eight members to the Senate.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness had earlier Monday named 13 Members, as allowed by the Constitution, to the Senate.

In a release naming the Senators, Dr Phillips made a point of stating that none of the defeated candidate sin the General Elections had been named to the Senate. In a letter on the same day, Monday, to Dr Phillips PNP Youth Organization President, Krystal Tomlinson had named several losing candidates, including herself, that Dr Phillips should name.

The Opposition Senators are:

1.     Donna Scott-Mottley, Attorney -at-Law, will remain as Leader of Opposition Business in the Senate

2.     Dr. Floyd Morris, University Lecturer and Director of the Centre for Disability Studies at UWI

3.     Sophia Fraser Binns, Attorney -at- Law

4.     Damion Crawford, Businessman

5.     Norman Horne, Businessman

6.     Lambert Brown, Trade Unionist

7.     Janice Allen, Business Development Consultant

8.     Gabriella Morris, Communications Specialist

Feeding Programme - Le Antonio's Foundation
Feeding Programme – Le Antonio’s Foundation

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