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Opinions: Two women have Died from complication of Pregnancy in just little over a week

2 women have Died from complication of Pregnancy in just little over a week..
Tiana James is said to have died in Child Birth, her baby died 2 days later.. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Negligence that caused her Death.

A Second woman identified as Jodiann Fearon died after Multiple Hospitals in Jamaica allegedly refused to help her while she was in labour and distress because she displayed possible Covid-19 symptoms. Jodian died 1 day after she was featured on TVJ news expressing how the University Hospital of the West Indies Refused her entry over fears of Covid-19.

Her Baby Survived. So I can assume all pregnant women who have symptoms similar to Covid-19 are likely to be turned away by hospitals, Left to Die ???
I always knew Jamaica was a Wicked Place.

On April 26, 2020… After Jodiann’s Deaths, Her Covid-19 Test Results returned showing Jodiann Tested NEGATIVE! Jamaica is gonna get a Beaten From God!!

It makes me wonder, if they can treat a pregnant woman suspected of having Covid-19 so inhumane, How are they treating those persons who have actually Tested Positive for Covid-19 and are in state care.

According to The Jamaica Beacon:

#COVID SCARE – Hospitals chided as woman dies hours after giving birth

A family is expressing outrage after Jodiann Fearon, 23, died under controversial circumstances shortly after giving birth on Friday, April 24.

The family is claiming that discrimination in the island’s health sector may have contributed towards Fearon’s demise.

Fearon, who was days away from celebrating her birthday, went to a private hospital in the corporate area last week to have her baby.

She was displaying flu-like symptoms, and so was suspected of having the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). She eventually did a COVID-19 test, and was awaiting the results.

However, it is noted that she did not travel overseas recently, did not attend work for weeks, and did not come in contact with anyone who tested positive or COVID-19.

Fearon’s private doctor explained that the private hospital where his patient first went to have the baby said it lacked the equipment to treat her, especially considering the flu-like symptoms.

The private doctor explained that he tried to get his patient into two other medical facilities in the Corporate Area, but she was turned down. Those facilities are the University Hospital of the West Indies and Victoria Jubilee Hospital.

Victoria Jubille reportedly said it did not have enough beds to accommodate the then expectant Fearon.

The Spanish Town Hospital in St. Catherine eventually accepted Fearon, but not before spending some time to prepare an area for the patient suspected of having COVID-19.

The woman died after having her baby.

That incident has amplified questions about whether the island’s hospitals are prepared to handle cases of pregnant women suspected of having COVID-19.

Another pregnant woman, who lives in Clarendon, last week wrote a letter to The Beacon, complaining about the alleged discrimination she faced while at a public hospital because she was suspected of having COVID-19.

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