Dear Editor: Montego Bay Pride Funny Story

Letter to the Editor – Tomlinson’s Pride Filled Conquest

The culture war is on, and the prime aggressors are LGBT Activists who see no limits to their destructive and intolerant agenda. Maurice Tomlinson, LGBT Super Don, has had related lawsuits in St. Vincent, Trinidad, Barbados and now a third court case in Jamaica, not counting his IACHR same sex marriage case. He has now […]

Basil Waite -Mckoy's News

Dear Editor: Setting Basil Waite Straight

There are absolutely no words to describe how I felt when I heard this ugly utterance from Mr. Waite, the Deputy General Secretary of the PNP, at a time like this, when we are celebrating our Emancipation and Independence, calling Jamaicans “NASTY NAIGA/NIGGA”. I was completely flabbergasted, dismayed, disappointed and most disgusted that a person […]

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