Open Letter – Vybz Kartel being accused

To whom it may concern,

 I am a Trinidadian living here in the U.S and follow the news of dancehall and Reggae music of my sister island Jamacia. But the news that comes out of the Jamaica media concerning  Adijah Palmer aka (Vybz kartel),  sometimes is very disturbing. I  do enjoy his music, because it’s not only tells a message but it’s about life, yes, it may have words not for the younger generation but he expresses his Iove for the other sex and believe it or not his music makes alot of relationships move on to the next level In a positive way.
I have read his book and worte a paper on it for my freshman in college and then to find out that his book had a seat in the Princeton university library,  who locals does that. What I don’t understand is why the system dont give him his day in court on his appeal charges, he have to make a life to keep paying his lawyers and take care of his family, yes it’s hard to do that behind bars with a system that dont do rehabilitation for their inmates.
However, what he did maybe worng to the eyes of the prison system but he have to somehow prepare himself for the worst or the future. It looks like they want to keep him in the prison walls and not see justice. But no matter what the system throws at him he will do what he have to do to survive the system. Till they give him his appeal of NOT GUILTY #worldboss would keep on writing and making connections to keep his fans happy.
Diehard Vybez kartel fan.

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