Open letter to the Minister of Education Hon. Karl Samuda

An open letter to the minister of education Hon. Karl Samuda.

Minister I beg of you please sir ease up on her !

I remember back in school I was a rebel but a rebel for a cause , I used my influence to make peace and all of my teachers love me except one ( Beulah Morgan)

I remember not doing subjects but the teacher would insist that I attend her class because she feel safer with me around.

Minister I remember under PNP I had to hire trained teacher to do domestic work because student loan was their to pay and employment wasn’t coming. Getting a job back them it was a dog eat dog scenario someone had to die or go on leave.

I don’t know the teacher in question personally but I feel it for her and am begging you to give her a chance.

Posted on Facebook by Carlington Bartley

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