One of Two Men Being Sought for Shooting St James Cop, Turns Himself Over to Police

Jamaica Crime News, St James: One of two St James men who were listed by the police to be wanted in connection with the shooting of a police officer in Norwood, on Sunday, April 21, turned himself over to the police on Tuesday morning.

The accused who has been identified as, Steve Earl, otherwise called “Pedro, Monster, Forehead or Shane” a welder of Hendon in Norwood, turned himself over to the police in the presence of his lawyer, shortly after 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday.
Earl and his Co-accused 23-year-old Brandon Stora, otherwise called “Cha Cha” of Paradise, Norwood were fingered in the shooting of police Constable Sheldon Murray and were given until 12:00 noon today by the St James Police to surrender.

Stora is yet to turn in himself and the police say they are once again sending a strong warning to him to surrender immediately.

Reports are that, shortly after 9:00 a.m. on Sunday, April 22, Constable Murray who is stationed at the Freeport police station and resides at a section of the Norwood community, known as Docatone, had just left his home when he was ambushed by armed men.

The men opened fire hitting Murray over eight times to his upper body, before escaping in the area.

Constable Murray was rushed by his colleagues to the Cornwall Regional Hospital, where he was treated, and transferred to another medical facility.

He is presently still in serious, but stable condition.

Following the investigation, a search was immediately launched for Earl and Stora in connection with the shooting.

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