One Man Shot Dead And Another Injured in Lilliput St James

St James Jamaica(Mckoys News) – One Man Shot Dead: One man was shot and killed and another shot and injured after gunmen invaded their home in Lilliput on Wednesday morning.

Reports by the Barrett Town police are that about 6:15 a.m. on Wednesday, September 27, 2017, a man knew only as Lilliput and another man were sitting on the verandah of the house which they shared at a section of Lilliput known as Bobman Hill. Minutes later, three men armed with high powered weapons forced their way inside the house through a rear door. Both men were shot several times to their upper bodies and the gunmen then left the area on foot.

The Barrett Town Police were summoned and on arrival, both men were rushed to the Falmouth Hospital where Chung was pronounced dead and the other man admitted in serious condition.

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