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One Brother Killed One Injured

St. James (Mckoy’s News)- One Brother Killed One Injured: A 28 years old man known only as ‘Wong’ was shot and killed and his 32 years old brother shot and injured and nursing gunshot wounds at the Cornwall Regional Hospital after gunmen invaded their home in Canterbury St. James on Thursday night. The Barnett Street police in Montego Bay say they have not yet received the full identity of the man who was shot and killed.

Police reports are that about 10:30 pm on Thursday, September 8th five heavily armed men entering the premises where the brothers were living at Kings Street and inquired as to the whereabouts of the 28 years old victim.

He was then spotted by one of the men and they opened fire on him killing him on the spot. While leaving the scene the gunmen opened fire on the brother of the victim shooting and wounding him.

The Barnett Street police were summoned and upon arrival both men were transported to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where the victim was pronounced dead and his brother admitted.

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