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INDECOM Investigating Olympic Gardens Shooting, Alleged Gunman Killed

(Mckoys News)- Olympic Gardens Shooting: Yet another probe for the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) as they investigate the fatal shooting of Richard Anthony Barrett on Barbados Road in Olympic Gardens earlier today (November 29, 2017).

Reports received by INDECOM from the police are that JCF officers were responding to an incident in which explosions were heard when they were subsequently fired on.

During the exchange of gunfire, a man was fatally shot. It is alleged that Barrett was involved in the fatal shooting of a man earlier at the scene where the police officers heard the explosions. It is further reported that a firearm was seized.

The INDECOM team which has processed the scene, continues to make enquiries, the commission said. The policemen in question gave an initial account of the incident and were served with notices to attend the INDECOM office for statements to be recorded.

The commission is reminding residents who may have witnessed any incident that they should call 1.876.968.8875, 1.876.968.1932 or 1.876.878.0167.

Contributed by Nichola Panton

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