Teen Taken in Custody for Olympic Gardens Fire that Killed 3, Released


Jamaican News, February 5, 2018

Kingston, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) Olympic Garden Fire: Police report that the teenager who was placed in custody following the deadly fire which killed three young children, in the Prime Minister’s Constituency of Olympic Gardens, Kingston 11, was released.

Three children died in the fire at their Booby Drive house, on January 27, which was reportedly set ablaze by a candle left unattended as the children slept.

The 18-year-old Sanoya Clarke is facing charges of manslaughter and negligence after her mother who was at work left her at home to tend to the younger ones. She allegedly left the children in the care of the 13-year-old and went out to party.

Mckoy News was told by a resident of the community that the neighbourhood was awakened at about 1:00 am to the screams of fire! help! from the 13-year-old who ran out to get help when she woke up to the fire.

On cooling down operation, the fire brigade discovered the charred bodies of one-year-old twins Jivaughne and Juvaugne Bennett and two-year-old Krisante Maxwell.

Two other children were hospitalised in the fire which spread to a neighbouring house.

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