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Old Forte Demonstration

St. James, Jamaica (McKoy’s News)- Old Forte Demonstration: Angry Craft vendors at the Old Forte Craft market on Forte Street  in Montego Bay staged a peaceful demonstration just outside their market on Tuesday October  3rd. The vendors are disgruntled with the way how the Craft Market president specialized on treating some of them on going to the ship Pier to transact business. One of the vendors said, She is partial, out of eight stalls she took four for herself every week, and then rotate the next four among some of the vendors who she is in favor of.

Another one complained that, ‘We have bills to pay and for weeks I have not made a dollar,sometimes I have to beg fare to come and go to the shop with the hope of making money.’ They are calling on tourism minister Ed Bartlett and the Mayor to intervene in the matter and try to make a level playing field so that every one can have food on their table. Some of the vendors also wish for the St. James Parish Council to restart the Mobay Nite out so they could try and sell on a Monday Night to see if they could make a little money from their craft items.
This reporter spoke with the deputy mayor of Montego Bay Leroy Williams and he promised to have a look into the matter, even with the possibility of restarting the carnival.

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