Old Faces Missing from PNP Shadow Cabinet

Peter Phillips now receiving treatment Stage 3 Colon Cancer
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The People’s National Party (PNP) has some new faces in its 18-member “interim” Shadow Cabinet named Monday, September 21.

Following its heavy loss, the Party has left out those MPs who lost their seats or spokespersons not reappointed to the Senate. Hence there is no place for former high-profile Members and spokesperson – Peter Bunting, Wykeham McNeill and Dr Dayton Campbell.

Damion Crawford is now spokesperson for Community Development and Culture; Senator Janice Allen will speak on Tourism (replacing Dr McNeill) Lothian Cousins will speak on Agriculture and Rural Development (replacing Victor Wright) and Dr Angela Brown Burke is shifted to Education and Training. Denise Daley will shadow Youth Gender Affairs, Entertainment and Sport, possibly the widest breath of responsibilities in the PNP team.


1. Leader of the Opposition: Planning and Development, and Defence Dr. Peter Phillips, MP
2. Finance and the Public Service Mr Mark Golding, MP
Senator Lambert Brown

(Public Service)

3. National Security Mr Fitz Jackson, MP
4. Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Ms Lisa Hanna, MP
5. Justice and Leader of Opposition Business in the Senate Senator Donna Scott-Mottley
6. Education and Training Dr Angela Brown-Burke, MP
7. Community Development & Culture Mr. Damion Crawford
8. Health & Wellness Dr. Morias Guy
9. Industry, Competitiveness and Global Logistics Mr Anthony Hylton, MP
10. Tourism Senator Janice Allen
11. Transport and Works Mr Mikael Phillips, MP
12. Labour, Social Security and Special Abilities Senator Dr Floyd Morris
13. Mining and Energy and Leader of Opposition Business in the House Mr Phillip Paulwell, MP
14. Science, Technology and Information Mr Julian Robinson, MP
15. Land and Housing Senator Sophia Fraser Binns
16. Agriculture and Rural Development Mr Lothian Cousins, MP
17. Local Government Ms Natalie Neita, MP
18. Youth, Gender Affairs, Entertainment and Sports Ms Denise Daley, MP

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