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Obama Care Repeal and Replace Bill Passed Today

Washington, United States (Mckoy’s News) – May, 5, 2017: United States President, Donald Trump today assembled his democratic team in the Rose Garden of the White House, with the speaker of the house, Paul Ryan, in their congratulatory message of passing the republican bill to repeal and replace Obama Care.

No democratic vote was placed to pass this bill. The congressional analysis in the past stated that 26 million American will loose health insurance coverage, under the new healthcare plan by Trump.

This was a major victory for the presidency of president Trump, as it would prove devastating to the presidential reign if the republicans did not pass this first legislative bill; there would be expected issues on all other bills presented by the US President without republican house support.

The original Healthcare Bill, the Affordable Care Act passed under Obama’s presidency with no republican votes; however, this is a three phase process, to repeal and replace the Obama Care. Republicans will need at lease eight (8) democratic votes to pass the second phase, at the senate level.

President Trump is stating that insurance deductibles and premiums will be reduced under the new bill. In his short speech to America, The president did not miss the chance to gloat the he is a non-politician, who became president and is doing well.

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