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NWC says massive disconnection drive has started


Jamaica News: The National Water Commission (NWC) says it has started “enforcing a massive and widespread disconnection drive to collect outstanding payments from customers who have arrears with the utility company.”


This follows the NWC’s warning days ago of a campaign to disconnect delinquent customers. The company’s cash flow is hurting from money it has been unable to collect.

In a release the company said it had facilitated write-off arrangements earlier this year but fewer than 10,000 customers took up the offers.

The NWC now says over 100 communities across the island are being targeted in the new aggressive disconnection drive starting Monday, December 14.

Customers with outstanding balances are being encouraged to pay up in full to avoid being without water supply during the holiday season.

The water provider lists communities across seven parishes where disconnection of delinquent customers will take place this week. The parishes are: St Thomas, Portland, St Mary, Manchester, St Elizabeth, Hanover and Westmoreland.

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