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NWC moves to clarify water issues in Haughton district

Jamaica News: The National Water Commission (NWC) is pushing to clarify claims that the residents of Haughton district in St. Elizabeth will be without water for another six months via their piped source.
In a report from the NWC, the Newton Pumping Station, which serves the community, has been in operation since Monday, March 23.
The company expressed that while the service delivery was disrupted by electromechanical problems, which forced the company to perform repairs on the pump. This caused disruptions in services from the periods of September 2019 to January 2020.
The commission said the deep well was rehabilitated between December 6 to 21 last year and was commissioned on January 3, 2020 to serve the communities.
The NWC noted, however, that there was a service disruption from March 15 to 22 due to turbidity problems with the well-source but said water was trucked to the affected communities.
News Reporter: Marc Lodge
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