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NWA Clears Blocked Roads In St. James And Hanover

NWA Clears Blocked Roads In St. James And Hanover

NWA Clears Blocked Roads In St. James And Hanover


Community Relations Officer at the National Works Agency (NWA), Janel Ricketts, says the agency has been successful in clearing roadways in St. James and Hanover that were blocked due to heavy rains, on Monday (November 8).

“In St. James, we had sections of the Barnett to Adelphi (roadway), as well as sections of the Montego Bay to Great River (Hanover) roadway, that were impassable. They were cleared on November 8, so too was the Cash Hill roadway in Hanover,”  Ms. Ricketts told JIS News.

She noted that several other roadways were affected in terms of blocked drains and scouring of road sections.

Scouring is the pitted surface where the water peels away the asphalt on a roadway.

Ms. Ricketts noted that there was “significant inundation along several road sections, including Great River [in Hanover]”.

“We also had inundation as far as the Queen’s Drive roadway [in Montego Bay] was concerned, and sections of the Elegant Corridor, as well as other sections in and around the City of Montego Bay,” she added.

Ms. Ricketts noted that flood waters on these roadways have since subsided.

She said that the NWA is now in the process of finalising their damage assessments and formulating the necessary estimates for the remedial action to be taken in terms of cleaning drains and restoring roadways that have been badly scoured.

Heavy rainfall descended on several sections of Western Jamaica on November 8, with St. James bearing the brunt of the showers.

This resulted in several roadways being flooded in and around Montego Bay.

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