NotNice Airs Dirty Laundry About Popcaan & Quada Speaks Out On IG Live

When the gossip is so good, you tend to lose track of which chapter of the saga you’re catching up on. No time to figure that out, dancehall producer NotNice has the stage and boy is he dropping an ear full. Today in a not so nice and long-winded video recording he retorted to Popcaan’s recent assertions about him.

Yesterday the Unruly Boss Popcaan, in the comfort of his spaceship (his luxuriant car), sipping on some Carlos Rossi and heavily smoking a spliff decided to go on a 20 minute-long rant to defend why he dissed Jah Vinci on Notnice’s Instagram live last week and also detailed his issues with the producer.

In the case of NotNice, Popcaan said due to an unsalaried project the two had worked on in England 2 years ago, NotNice is carrying misery and a heavy heart. This he explains is ultimately responsible for the disses NotNice has been dishing out towards him.

However, Poppy feels as if the producer has lost sight of the big picture. It’s not about the money but more so about the strides made to make it big. Leaving the impression that these are just some of the trials faced in the journeys of many entertainers especially in ‘making it’ stages; a notion which Govana apparently agrees with from the sidelines.

Well, NotNice had some light he wanted to shed on the matter after clearly listening to what Popcaan had to say. A couple interesting points he made were:

He was away working on these shows with Poppy for an entire month (with no pay and fending for himself)
He mentioned that they did 5 shows, 3 of which were sold out. (Insinuating that Popcaan had to be banking),
After 1, 2, 3 weeks of waiting on some type of compensation there was none and 4. Popcaan had the audacity to reach out to him after those few weeks for the continuation of his services.
Well that explains it! Why should NotNice be so nice to Popcaan? The Family deejay used and abused his time and labor, pocketed all the proceeds after making wads of cash with no regard for the producer’s own obligations (considering all this talk is true).

NotNice added further that there was even more beef between them over dancehall artistes Jafrass and Quada as it relates to their management. Even though Jafrass was signed to NotNice’s label, he would perform on Popcaan shows from time to time (after all Popcaan loves to help the youths coming up in the industry). In a surprising twist, Popcaan some time after disclosed to NotNice that he wasn’t feeling Jafrass’s energy and felt the musician was not a loyal keep.

The picture being painted here is that Poppy was trying to manipulate him into letting go Jafrass so that he could have him all to himself. This later unfolded when Jafrass confided that the Unruly Boss attempted to recruit him.

Then the issue with Quada (who is signed to Unruly Entertainment) was that Popcaan wasn’t giving him the airplay he deserved. NotNice said that during one of Popcaan’s trip abroad, Quada had approached him to reveal as much and expressed his dire need for some added exposure, as such he (NotNice) took it upon him self to help him out.

Quada gladly received the call for voicing on a track produced by NotNice, this we’ve all come to know as Celebration featuring Jah Vinci. However, this didn’t go over as smoothly with Quada’s commander in chief, as he threatened them not to release the track when news of its making broke — the track was released nonetheless.

Quada Responds
Now Quada is in front of the camera clapping back at NotNice for throwing him under the bus. Watch below.

In a video recording released some time after NotNice’s rant, Quada fully laid down his side of the story. To cut a long story short, Quada is fearlessly adamant that he did not say so much as one derogatory word about his hero Popcaan.

He also spoke in favor of Popcaan’s premise that not every effort has its reward. Like many, he understands that there will be bad days but to attest his humility has never yet felt compelled to diss or trash talk his Unruly mentor (the way NotNice has).

In all, he is tremendously grateful to Popcaan for lifting him from the bottom and taking him to the top.


Source: Dancehallmag

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