Norwood Gets Free Public Wi-Fi

Norwood Gets Free Public Wi-Fi

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Security, Hon. Dr. Horace Chang, says the Universal Service Fund (USF) has been diligent in providing wireless broadband communication to rural and underserved communities in Jamaica.

Dr. Chang, who attended the launch of the USF’s Community Wi-Fi Initiative at Garvey Square in Norwood on September 21, indicated that the entity has been allowing for greater digital inclusion among Jamaicans by increasing access to the internet across the country’s 63 constituencies.

“So, I want to welcome the Universal Service Fund. They are going across the island introducing hotspots where you (students) can do homework [and] the population can gain free access to the internet,” he said.

The free and secure internet connectivity has a range of 800-feet and can allow up to 200 residents to simultaneously log on with their smartphones or tablet devices.

The Wi-Fi service will benefit schools, businesses and homes and other establishments in the area.

“It is particularly of value to our schools, and I am happy to see so many students because the internet opens a new world to you, the virtual world, where education and knowledge is available. Teachers are also acquiring the skills to guide our students,” the Minister outlined.
“I really feel happy to have it here. We need to provide opportunities to all and this Wi-Fi is part of that process,” he added.

For his part, Deputy Mayor of Montego Bay, Councillor Richard Vernon, urged the residents to protect the Wi-Fi infrastructure.

He said its installation is a continuation of the USF’s thrust, to promote a knowledge-based society, through a country wide access to the internet.

For that, he lauded the USF’s management and technical team for enabling a modern society.

“I want to encourage you today to do your part to ensure that while you take advantage of this Wi-Fi internet service, you seek to be productive and use the access you have gained wisely, safely and productively. You must look at this occasion as an opportunity to increase knowledge and improve lives,” Mr. Vernon told the residents.


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