No More Hiding! Jada Kingdom Says Happy That She Can Sing Along To Shenseea’s Songs Again

No more bad blood! Dancehall songbird Jada Kingdom has publicly proclaimed that she’s no longer concealing the admiration she has for former rival Shenseea and her songs.

The Heavy hit-maker took to Twitter on Wednesday, July 12 to say how elated she was, since the two young stars finally put an end to their differences, and reinstated their friendship.

“Due tu ow mi glad seh mi can stap hide me mout and sing along to Shenseea song dem wen mi gout,” she tweeted yesterday.

The two-year-old beef came to an end recently in light of the death of Shenseea’s mother, which brought the two back together.

With no doubt, Jada has been one of Jamaica’s trending stars, and in a recent Instagram post, the promising musician showed her support for Shenseea’s hit song Trending Gyal by using the signature expression to caption her post. 

Fans lauded Jada Kingdom for her mature and commendable step to initiate the end of the feud, noting that it is a positive development for the creative and entertainment industry. 

Both are now following each other on Instagram again. There has been speculation that the two might be brewing a collaboration. 

Similarly, the reigning queen of dancehall, Spice, and dancehall songstress Lisa Hyper halted a decade of ongoing feud, reuniting their friendship.

Jada’s new mixtape, E-Syde Queen is available for streaming now, while Shenseea, who is recovering from a car accident last week, recently released visuals for Good Comfort.


Source: Dancehallmag

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