No Intercourse Or Support From My Boyfriend

Dear Mckoy: No Intercourse Or Support From My Boyfriend:  I have been with my man a little over two years now.  We are not living together but close enough to each other.

Now the problems I am having are whenever we visit each other the intercourse is very boring and he never stays up to the occasion. And to make matters worse, he doesn’t help me financially but always wants me looking good when coming to visit him.

I spoke to him several times about the situation and he claims I am too craven.  So I stop complaining and started getting my satisfaction from a younger man that never fails to please me in all ways.
This younger man helps me to do things my man neglects.

I am a very open woman so I decided to be honest with my man and told him about the situation.  Now he is upset with me saying I disrespected him..

Do you think what I did was wrong knowing I spoke to him about the situation and he made no changes.?

Crave  St James.

Dear Crave:  I won’t say your wrong or right.  But in my opinion if you are in a relationship and things are not satisfactory and you discuss the situation with your partner and they fail to apply changes it is best to end the relationship and move on with one’s life. 

But in your situation I believe your endangering yourself by telling your man what you did by having another man giving you the satisfaction he fails to apply.
Remember when a persons feeling is hurt it could result in unexpected danger.
I would also suggest that if your man is not satisfying your needs intimately or financially it would be better you move on with your life and find someone that fill those gaps. But do not risk your like any more by cheating and rubbing it in your man face.

Good Luck

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