Holness says nations disturbed and alarmed over mom’s death

No criminal charges in Jodian Fearon’s death

No criminal action is to be brought against anyone for the death of
Jodian Fearon, the young woman was refused care at two hospitals
before her baby was delivered at Spanish Town Hospital, hours prior
to her death.
The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has ruled that
no one is to be criminally charged for the death of 23-year-old Miss
Fearon who died at the University Hospital of the West Indies UHWI)
in controversial circumstances in April.
Neither Ms Fearon’s doctor Dr Lloyd Goldson nor others and medical
staff involved are criminally liable, the DPP ruled on September 29.
The DPP said the matter that was brought to her office for a
determination was quite complex and thoroughly investigated.
Paula Llewellyn, the DPP said, enough evidence was not advanced to
determine negligence. The DPP’s office said the uncertainty
regarding Ms Fearon’s status and the atmosphere of fear over
COVID-19 may have contributed to the death of Ms Fearon.

At the time of Ms Fearon’s death there was uproar in the nation over
how she was treated after she was admitted as a pregnant woman,
at Andrew’s Memorial Hospital, in distress. The staff there
determined in the atmosphere of COVID-19 that care could not be

provided for her there. She was refused admission at Victoria Jubilee
Hospital and finally delivered at Spanish Town Hospital. From there
she was taken to University Hospital of the West Indies where she
died of heart failure.

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