No change in curfew hours

The curfew hours have not been changed under the Orders issued by the Prime Minister, in fighting COVID-19.

Many Jamaicans have been asking if the curfew hours have been adjusted for today, Saturday, August 1, Emancipation Day.

The previous Orders expired on July 31 and were renewed through to September 30. A statement from the office of the Prime Minister notes that the nigh time start of curfew remains at 11, even for Emancipation Day. It says: “The day to next day, night to early morning curfews will continue in place starting 11 pm on the night of July 31, 2020, to 5 am August 1, 2020, day to day until 5 am on the morning of September 30, 2020.

  • Rules relating to the travel time for drivers of public passenger vehicles one hour before and after the curfews remain the same.
  • Under the Orders, people are reminded that gatherings must not exceed 20 persons. The social distance of six feet must be maintained.
  • People are also reminded to wear masks in public.
  • One change that caught many people by surprise was the closure of markets Saturday although at several rural area markets vendors continued to display goods for sale, with no social distancing being practised.

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