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Ninja Man Needs Heart Surgery 

Ninja Man Needs Heart Surgery

Kingston, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Ninja Man Needs Heart Surgery: Popular Jamaican deejay, Ninja Man, allegedly suffered a mild heart attack on Friday, November 3,  and now it is being said by the deejay’s attorney, that he has a serious heart condition and will need heart surgery as soon as possible. The deejay is at present in court concerning a murder case.

Ninja Man’s attorney also mentioned that he looks forward to the murder case coming to an end quickly, as it would mean that the entertainer would have less to worry about.

The Jamaican entertainers’ attorney also disclosed the nature of his heart problem, mentioning that he has a blocked or narrowed artery.

The deejay has asked his attorney to continue the trial without him, which so far has a total of 23 mention dates and 17 trial dates.

Mikayla Simpson


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