Nineteen Inspectors Promoted to JCF Officers CORPS

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Jamaica News: Nineteen Inspectors have been elevated to the gazetted officer corps of the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

Among them are Woman Inspector Camille Tracy from the Area One Headquarters, Woman Inspector Samantha Smith-Daley from the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse, as well as noted investigator, Detective Woman Inspector Michelle Campbell. Eight other women from divisions such as the National Intelligence Bureau, Operations Branch and Westmoreland are among those promoted to the rank of Deputy Superintendent.

Among the males who will now form part of the Force’s senior management team are Inspector Orette Bascoe, who heads the JCF’s Statistics and Information Management Unit that operates out of the Planning, Research and Development Branch and one of the Force’s top forensic crime scene investigators, Detective Inspector Christopher Anderson. Inspector Terrence McLean, who is at the helm of the JCF’s Missing Persons Monitoring Unit, was also promoted, along with persons from St. James, St. Catherine South, Kingston Eastern and the National Intelligence Bureau.

The promotions were announced via the JCF Force Orders on Friday, June 21.

The full list is as follows:

1.  Inspector Machel Panto­­­n (St. Catherine ‘S’)

2.  Woman Inspector Jacqueline Edwards-Blackwood (Mobile Reserve)

3.  Detective Woman Inspector Yvette Burgess (Area 3 Headquarters (MID)

4.  Detective Inspector Oral Henry (Narcotics)­­

5.  Detective Inspector Rowan Fletcher (St. James)

6.  Woman Inspector Camille Tracey (Area 1 Headquarters)

7.  Woman Inspector Andrea Brown-Florestal (Trelawny)

8.  Inspector Brenton Rhodes (St. James)

9.  Inspector Terrence McLean (National Intelligence Bureau)

  1. Woman Inspector Kareene Ebanks (Strategic Operations [Port])
  2. Detective Woman Inspector Coralee Brown-Fowler (Major Organized Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency)

  3. Detective Inspector Christopher Anderson (Technical Services Division)

  4. Woman Inspector Mishka Forbes (Operations Branch)

  5. Woman Inspector Charlene Gray-Morris (Westmoreland)

  6. Inspector Orrette Bascoe (Planning, Research and Development Branch)

  7. Woman Inspector Samantha Smith-Daley (CISOCA)

  8. Detective Woman Inspector Sydonnie Newland-Williams (National Intelligence Bureau)

  9. Detective Woman Inspector Michelle Campbell (Area Four Headquarters)

  10. Woman Inspector Traceann Edwards (Crime & Security Portfolio)


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