Nine St James Police Officers Placed Under Investigation During the Month of June 

Jamaica Crime News, St James: In month of June,  a total of nine police officers who are based at the Freeport and Barnett Street police stations in  Montego Bay, St James have been placed under investigation by the Bureau of Special Investigation and Major Organized Crime Unit, for their alleged  involvements in corruption and other illegal activities.

ACP Ealon Powell, who is in Charge of the State of Public Emergency in St James stated that, “The police force takes corruption very seriously and especially corruption involving its members.  We are the most policed organization in Jamaica in the sense that we go much more rigorously against our members than any other organisation, to the extent that when corruption has been identified against our members, we have taken the appropriate action.  Quiet a number of police officers over the years have been arrested and charged and that will continue.  We want to encourage our members to continue on the straight and narrow path, be professional in our dealings and to avoid any temptation of corruption.”   

The first incident took place on Monday morning of June 11th, involving a police Constable who is assigned to the Zone of Special Operation in Mount Salem. He reportedly went to a premises in the Portmore area and stole a motor vehicle.  The female owner got up from bed that morning and reported the vehicle stolen. Immediately, the police and a security team started to track the vehicle which was equipped with a tracking system.  The vehicle was tracked to a section of the roadway in Falmouth and during an operation, the police officer who was the sole occupant was arrested and later slapped with charges.

The second incident took place on Thursday, June 14, involving three police officers stationed at the Barnett Street station in Montego Bay. The lawmen allegedly went to a Chinese owned business establishment and allegedly solicit money from the operators after they informed them that they were operating under Breaches of the law.  The officers were told to return for the payment and a report made to the MOCA Unit.  A Sting operation was set up which led to two of the officers being taken into custody and the Corporal who fled the scene later turning over himself to his colleagues.

Moca Clamp Down On Corrupt Cops in Montego Bay, Another on the Run   

Five days following that incident,  four officers went to the Falmouth Hospital on Thursday night of June 19th, to an Injured cop at the facility. When they arrived it was way past visiting hours and that was pointed out to the hem by the hospital security.  An argument developed but they were still allowed to go to the ward and visit their colleague.  After overstaying their time on the ward another argument developed and they pulled out pepper spray and sprayed the security guards and it also affected the patients which include two children.

Three St James Police Officers Arrested for Corruption by Moca

The last incident took place on Thursday, June 21, in  Kingston after a Police Constable who is again attached to the Barnett Street Police Station attempted to sell a stolen motor vehicle to a female buyer in Kingston.

St James Police Officer Caught in Possession of Stolen Motor Vehicle Charged 

The female noticed some irregularities with the motor vehicle documents and made a report to the police.

An operation was staged to apprehend the accused who ran and allegedly threw away the keys to the motor vehicle in a garbage bin in a KFC Fast foods outlet located on Angel Plaza.

The detectives acquired the use of the surveillance cameras on the building and retrieve the keys. It was later discovered that, the vehicle was stolen from a residence in Portmore, St Catherine on Thursday, June 14,  and also that the accused was actually a police officer. He too was taken into custody.

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