Nick Cannon’s Eminem Diss Called Trash by 50 Cent  

Nick Cannon’s Eminem diss track is trash and that he might be committing career suicide says 50 Cent.

This all started when Eminem reignited a beef with the Wild ‘N Out host after he dissed him on his verse of Fat Joe’s, “Lord Above.” We have to admit, the diss was pretty stellar as he rapped, “I know me and Mariah didn’t end on a high note/But that other dude’s whipped, that p***y got him neutered… / I let her chop my b**ls off, too ‘fore I lost to you, Nick.

Nick did not cave and showed that his jewels were still intact when he teamed up with Suge Knight, Hitman Holla, Charlie Clips, and Prince Eazy to release “The Invitation.”

Fif took to Instagram a few hours ago to defend his friend and former label mate and also to warned Nick about the can of whoopa*s he is opening.

I don’t understand to save my life why someone would pick a fight with EM. He is a different kinda animal, I haven’t seen a motherf**ker come close to beating him man. [Angry emoji] hey Nick that shit was trash, I oughta kick you in yo a*s when I see you PUNK!,” captioned 50 Cent after posting a photo of Eminem watermarked, “Believe in restoring the game. Even if it means destroying all the players.

We all know Nick is a Comedian, and 50 Cent could easily secure the comedian title if he wanted it as well. Therefore, it was no surprise when Nick Cannon jumped into the comments. He wrote, “There he is!!! Oooh!! I like that!!” He also included the woman with turban emoji, seemingly trolling 50 for coming off as a female. He continued in the comment section, telling Fif to, “Set it up OG!!!

Nick took things further and showed Fif that he could beat him at his own game and posted an image of Samuel L. Jackson’s character he played in the 2012 movie, Django Unchained. He tagged 50 Cent in the caption and left a “Rolling on the Floor Laughing Emoji,” clearly insinuating that 50 is old and looked resembles the character.

Nick Cannon is heavily invested in this beef and is here to battle Em and his backers.

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