NHT is Still in Your Corner

NHT is Still in Your Corner

The National Housing Trust (NHT) will assist customers who are unable to finalise a loan with a financial institution under the new External Financing Mortgage Programme (EFMP).

Under this latest framework, NHT contributors who require additional funding may access their benefits from the Trust’s financial partners across the island.

“Customers do have access to come back to the NHT if there are issues,” the Senior General Manager for Finance at the NHT, Dwight Ebanks, said.

“We are not leaving our contributors alone in this at all. Certainly, you are still an NHT customer and the NHT will continue to serve you,” he added.

Mr. Ebanks was speaking at a Jamaica Information Service (JIS) Think Tank held in Kingston recently.

Supporting his colleague, the Assistant General Manager for Corporate Communication and Public Affairs, Dwayne Berbick, pointed out that the operational change will enable the NHT to provide more housing units in a faster period.

“The NHT is… harnessing the efficiencies that exist in the financial and construction markets by having greater partnerships with our developers under our Guaranteed Purchase and Developers Programmes,” he noted.

The goal of the EMFP is to harness the strength of financial institutions, increase the NHT mortgage supply and release funds that will be reinvested in developing more housing solutions.

One benefit of the EMFP is that mortgagors will be able to access their NHT contribution refunds when the programme takes full effect on August 1.

Refunds are inaccessible under the existing Joint Mortgage Financing Programme.


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