NHF Commences Delivery of Medication for Drug Serv Patients 65 and Older

Jamaica News: The National Health Fund (NHF) this week commenced home delivery of medication to Drug Serv patients 65 years and older. Patients in St. Thomas, Kingston and St. Andrew, St. Catherine and Manchester were among the first to get their medication delivered at home.

The service is starting with patients 65 years and older on the Scheduled Refill programme who have monthly appointments to pick up their medication at their Drug Serv pharmacy and will expand to other patients in the age group as the programme rolls out.

Mr. Everton Anderson, Chief Executive Officer of NHF, says, “This week NHF started our home delivery programme, as we respond to the needs of our Drug Serv patients who are required to stay home to reduce possible infection from COVID 19. The NHF is sensitive to customers’ needs and our aim is to always innovate to take care of our customers, both internal and external. There are approximately 30,000 persons 65 years and older who are using Drug Serv each month and several methods will be explored for the delivery of medication.”

NHF initiatives such as the home delivery, Quick Prescript, Scheduled Refill and Drop Off and Pick Up services are improving the customer experience and reducing the waiting time of patients in Drug Serv Pharmacies.

Drug Serv patients who are 65 and older may request home delivery service by texting their name and their Drug Serv Pharmacy to 876-219-9937/ 876-219-9929, calling NHF at 876-906-1106 or talk live via Web Chat on the NHF Website page from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on week-days. NHF continues to contact patients to arrange for home delivery.


Source: JIS News

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