NGOs Join Forces to Promote Public Awareness on Domestic Violence

Jamaica News, March 6, 2018 – Public Awareness on Domestic Violence

Kingston, Jamaica,  The Andrew Dixon Foundation, Kidz R The Future, CRS Radio and Jamaica Youths’ Union will combine resources in Jamaica to raise awareness about the devastating impact of domestic violence.

During  April  2018, the team will visit schools in Kingston,  St. Andrew and St. Catherine as part of their Annual School Tour.  During their stops, they will read, recite and encourage students to better understand and appreciate family, diversity and global community needs through the education and entertainment that reading provides.

The team will exchange meaningful dialogue with teachers, students and local volunteers on topics such as early childhood experiences and share cultural differences and similarities that instill positive behaviors towards domestic violence.  They will focus on the common myths associated with domestic violence and how the associated early childhood trauma affects children.

The collaboration is a win-win for all  4 organizations that are vanguards of supplemental/  alternative education.   Jamaica  Youths’  Union’s  (JYU) mission is to empower young people by promoting a  positive lifestyle through Cultural Awareness, Performance  Arts and  Sports.   JYU infuses poetry, music, movement and visual arts as a means of therapy and communication.

What we are doing is something that is necessary. It is an honor to work together on this endeavor. We will dedicate our time and effort to initiate the education revolution needed to address domestic violence. Children are often the forgotten party exposed to domestic violence, whether directly or indirectly”  Alicia-ann Roxborough, also known as Sassy, founder of JYU stated at their kickoff meeting.

It is extremely important to address childhood trauma from domestic violence early in a child’s life,” added Hopeton Brown, Chairman of the Andrew Dixon Foundation and Kidz R The Future. Establishing positive coping mechanisms early in a child’s development helps them to deal with stress in a healthy way throughout the rest of their lives:

The  Andrew  Dixon  Foundation is devoted to the growth of youth worldwide.  Their motto,  “Making  Kids Dreams  Come  True”motivates them in building self-awareness, esteem and confidence that make learning fun.  The Foundation was founded in 2010 by Andrew “Dee” Dixon, a former professional baseball player, to develop and teach self-esteem and discipline to inner-city kid through baseball.

To find out more about the Annual School Tour activities or serving as a local volunteer, Contact: Alicia-ann Roxborough (876) 346-9372, email: [email protected]

Hopeton Brown at (215) 888-8432, email: [email protected]

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