New York State Proclamation for Peter Tosh

Brooklyn, New York: New York State Senator Kevin S. Parker on Thursday issued a New York state proclamation for Jamaica’s reggae icon Peter Tosh that celebrates the life and the legacy of the legend for this year’s renewal of the national observance of 4/20. Tosh has been lauded over the years for his relentless fight for the decriminalization of marijuana and his sterling and steadfast efforts for the global promotion of reggae music as well as his quest for equal rights and justice.

Peter Tosh died in 1987, and the proclamation was received on Peter’s behalf by Brian Latture, executive manager of the Estate of Peter Tosh at the senator’s Tilden Avenue office in Brooklyn, New York. A cadre of state officials as well as a media contingent came out on Thursday to witness the presentation.

New York State Proclamation for Peter Tosh

The proclamation read in part: “It is the privilege of this legislative body to honor Peter Tosh for his exemplary service and humanitarianism upon the illustrious occasion of the 4/20 Peter Tosh celebration”.

The proclamation continued, “Peter Tosh’s example, as both an artist and an activist, continues to inspire creators and idealists around the world. He was and is a true leader whose music and message inspires people on every continent throughout the world”.

The proclamation came just ahead of the 4/20 celebrations for 2019, a national observance of respect for the wide variety and multiple uses of cannabis, including recreational, sacramental and medicinal.

As part of the Tosh activities for 4/20, his youngest daughter Niambe McIntosh, head of the Estate of Peter Tosh and board chairperson for the Peter Tosh Foundation Ltd. will be attending the National Cannabis Festival on Saturday April 20 at the RFK Stadium in Washington, DC. Additionally, a new take on a Peter Tosh classic, Downpressor Man by Tosh 1 featuring vocals by Peter Tosh has already been serviced to radio as a promotional single, and a number of regional stations including Irie Jam Radio 93.5 FM in New York will be a part of a celebratory broadcast on 4/20 that will play portions of the Peter Tosh music catalogue.

And in Vancouver, Canada, close to 100,000 fans are expected to show up for a free concert at Sunset Beach headlined by Cypress Hill where Peter Tosh’s cannabis anthem ‘Legalize It’ will be sung at exactly 4:20 pm, around the time when the event will attract a peak audience.

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