New Ventures for “The Boogie Man”

There are a few radio broadcasters that command respect and loyalty from their listeners and audiences, but Barrington “Barry G” Gordon,  also known as “The boogie man”  is without a doubt one of them.

The long-serving veteran has touched the Jamaican listeners since 1975 and has been a staple voice over the years and throughout each parish.

He settled with the Montego Bay-based radio station Mello FM a few years ago. Now it has come to our attention that “Barry G” has decided to close his professional chapter with them.

It was released yesterday that the radio personality has decided to take on a more personal journey where his brand is concerned.

Barry G at Mello FM Studio

The youth of Jamaica plays a very important part of the broadcaster’s life and he feels compelled to teach aspiring young broadcasters and DJ’s in the field. Jamaican culture, arts and entertainment resonates with so many and needs to be solidified throughout the world.

Barry G’s illustrious career began in the seventies at the then Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation, he started out producing VOX pop features then grew to host the evening programme Turntable.

In time, he quickly took on a popular persona and was promoted to the afternoon slot. By 1987, he was arguably one of the best within his radio peers. Barry G then transitioned to the RJR group and it was definitely with this group of companies that he secured his place at the top, as a champion radio broadcaster and personality. He has clearly shown and proved himself to be a trailblazer.

We wish him well and the city of Montego Bay will also miss his presence.

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