New Spatial Data Tool To Help With Gov’t Planning

The Ministry of Housing, Urban Renewal, Environment and Climate Change has implemented a National Spatial Planning Information Technology (NSPIT) platform to assist with planning, development, and investment decisions related to the National Spatial Plan (NSP).

Acting Principal Director for the Spatial Data Management Division within the Ministry, Raymond Poyser, told JIS News that the NSPIT was conceptualised and developed as part of the Government’s efforts to incorporate technology into its business processes for improved outcomes.

“The idea was to develop a web-based geospatial tool to complement our planning as the Government makes strides to fulfil Vision 2030. The increased demand for a more comprehensive planning and information development platform used in decision-making highlighted the need for an improved visualisation tool,” he explained.

Mr. Poyser said that the web-based geographic information system (GIS) tool “will create the visualisation and graphical expressions of the NSP through providing spatial analysis and modelling functionalities”.

He noted that in developing the NSPIT, major geospatial platforms being used in Europe, United States America, Australia and Singapore were reviewed.

He said that NSPIT will allow for the optimal use of land and natural resources for sustainable development and strengthen the integration of the portfolio within the Ministry.

Mr. Poyser highlighted that the incorporation of such technology is summed up and clearly articulated in National Outcome 11 of Vision 2030 Jamaica, which is focused on creating a technology-enabled society.




Source: JIS News

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