New Music Videos This Week From Jahvillani, Jafrass, Sikka Rymes, TakeOva And Moyann

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Productions were in full swing as several music videos from Dancehall artistes hit YouTube this week.

Jahvillani, Jafrass, Sikka Rymes, TakeOva, and Moyann all debuted exciting visuals to bring their singles to life. In doing so, Jahvillani shows us the vicious side to the 1Govament lifestyle while Jafrass and TakeOva showcase their richness.

Sikka Rymes, on the other hand, takes on a more serious tone as he laments about his bad minded friends. Then Moyann lights up the screen, strutting about at a tranquil getaway. Explore them all here!

Jahvillani – One Strap Bag
If you ever happen to see Jahvillani wearing his ‘one strap bag,’ just walk the other way. The deejay’s single is an incessant reminder to all that his matic is ‘always’ securely tucked away in the sack. While the official audio dropped back in February, the new music video is now available on streaming via YouTube.

The plot thickens in the Mathsofmind Productions choreography as Jahvillani takes us inside his crib where half naked ladies moving in slow motion count stacks of cash seemingly acquired from the deejay’s murderous exploits. More clips show the 1Gov general in action taking out his target and his female accomplices clearing the murder scene.

The deejay is expected to drop an EP soon, but check out his visuals for One Strap Bag below.


Jafrass – Dream
Dancehall artiste Jafrass says his “dreams ah reality,” and he’s now in the zone; “Big house and car, gyal a gallang bad, hi-grade a smoke/ Gucci pon shirt, man a pop off tag,” he sings in a new single, produced by NotNice.

The music video directed by Wikid Media, is a story of young Jafrass telling his friend he wants to live the high life and then sees his aspirations come to fruition as an adult where his mansion and all his riches are put on display.

Watch Jafrass’s new music video here –

TakeOva – Rich Lifestyle
The Chop Chop Boss, dancehall artiste TakeOva’s new musical release is simply footage of the deejay and friends having too much fun at a house party.

Drinks overload and girls galore splashing about the in the pool, TakeOva say, “Yo lifestyle rich/ Just don’t kill the vibe/ di party tun up.”

Directed by Everton Gentles at Pixl Edge Studio and Wai Fuzion Records, check out the video here –

Sikka Rymes – No Dealings
Sikka wants ‘no dealings’ with the two-faced friends that smile to his face but grudge him when he walks away. “Yuh see ah p-ssy dem, neva badmind fi di small house, now yuh in di large house now dem a send treat yuh fi dead.”

The music video plays out several skits of so-called friends talking ill about their now big shot friend, calling him a sell-out and Sikka dishing the lyrics to chronicle as much. A Swagg Records and Face Xpression production.

Moyann – Mad Out
She’s got it all, Moyann shows off her great life, BMW and very glammed up looks as she revels in it all with friends in this latest music video. The singer says, “ Mi make some gyal mad out cuz mi happy right now/ Go-getter gold digger mi nu care weh dem tink, long as di money coming in, mi carry it like a Brinks.”

Produced by Carey Villa Records and shot by M Studios, the visuals find the dancehall singer featuring her new single at an exclusive beachside location in the country. From skipping on a plush lawn overlooking the water, dipping her feet in the sea, and boastingly fanning herself with giant petals from the ornate backdrop, she puts on quite an alluring show. Watch more here –


Source: Dancehallmag

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