New Music From Daddy1 Aka ‘Rich’ That’s What His BroGads Call Him: Watch

Dancehall’s new blood, Daddy1 debuted his prized track Rich today March 27th with the music video to encapsulate his richness. Rich, which is produced by Hemton Music and VP Records, is featured on his upcoming EP and according to the BroGad deejay in an interview with TheFader, is his favorite single on the musical recording.

A slice through his prize possession unveils the greatness within, there you’ll find the secrets to his success. The artiste says he’s rich and credits that to investing wisely. The lyrics go, “Make a mil in ah hour, make di money and di money give yuh powah, invest in a JUTA tour buses now ah, den yuh make a mansion weh tall like twin towah. Cherish di money suh di money wont go, when mi fix depost, mi watch mi money start grow, transaction in a di cable so money flow, I’m sure dem nu cheap like dung a Bashco”

To further demonstrate how rich he is, the Armani wearing 6ixx member says first off, ‘Rich’ is what all his friends call him, then talks about some of his assets. Just one of his gold rings have set him back 6-Mil, a house in the scheme (he bought that), and a convertible Benz.

These aren’t just some empty lyrics being tossed into a song for your listening pleasure; Daddy1 is practicing what he preaches. The young deejay, being the oldest of his three siblings was morphed into a father figure at an early age having an absentee dad. In the Fader interview, he said that he didn’t like to see his mother suffering and wanted to change that, so began taking his love for music more seriously. With the support of his family and encouragement from his childhood friend, 6ixx Boss Squash, he soon turned his music into money.

When asked about the verses in his track Rich, Daddy1 said “Yeah you haffi invest brogad, if you don’t invest you’re going broke. Gotta be smart.” Then further added “It’s important because in the next ten years, you can see what you invest. You will see your money grow. You know you have to set the foundation, because you know you have generations to come and you want to make sure that your grandkids can be alright. So you have to set it from now.”

This may be his favorite track since it somewhat celebrates the aftermath of his struggles. While he flosses a lot of rich talk in his music, they don’t add as much depth as Rich since he hints a few investment tactics. The Wikid Media music video also brings the song to life, as it shows Daddy1 flaunting big bucks on the betting table with the likes of Reggae Sumfest Owner Josef Bogdanovich, popping champagne and showering the pretty girls with wads of cash.

Check out the Rich visuals below.


Source: Dancehallmag

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