New Location For Westmoreland Municipal Corporation

Jamaica News: The Westmoreland Municipal Corporation will be moving its operations to a new building at the beginning of next month.

The new location will be on Murray Street in the capital, Savanna-la-Mar.

Speaking with JIS News, Mayor of Savanna-la-Mar, Councillor Bertel Moore, said the new administrative building will house the Planning Department, Accounts Department, Disaster Risk Management office, Council Chamber, municipal police and all other departments and offices within the municipality.

“The exception will be the Roads and Works Department, which is across the street from where we used to be. We have done good renovation where they are [as well],” he said.

The Mayor noted that the new building is 99 per cent complete and has already been the location of a few meetings.

He informed that the main entrance of the building is being paved, and electrical work is being done on the building, including the installation of telephones and Internet connectivity.

Meanwhile, the Mayor said, as it relates to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the Government is doing its best.

He further highlighted that Westmoreland currently has zero active COVID-19 cases, and hopes that the figure remains as is.

The Mayor is encouraging citizens to wear their masks, stick to social distancing rules, wash their hands and sanitise.


Source: JIS News

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