Mother Buried in Tomb, Negril Woman and Daughter Buried in Tomb, Nadian Dyer

Negril Woman and Daughter Allegedly Murdered and Buried in House

Westmoreland, Jamaica(McKoy’s News) – Negril Woman and Daughter Allegedly Murdered : a team from the Westmoreland Scene of Crime Unit are now digging away at what is believed to be a concrete tomb in which a 21-year-old youth from West End, Negril, reportedly murdered his common-law wife along with her baby daughter, and later buried them over six weeks ago.

Nadian Dyer otherwise called ” Heather ” 24-year-old and her 3-year-old daughter were killed and cemented in a room at a house in CeeWee Lane, West End, Negril.

Reports are that, the accused man whose mother owned the house in Pee Wee Lane, left the island and flew to the USA several days ago.

After arriving in the USA, he reportedly called a friend and confessed that he had murdered his common-law wife and her 3-year-old baby girl. The friend then telephones a relative in Kingston and related the story and also informed the relative that the victims were buried in a back room of the mother’s  house.

The relative then traveled to Westmoreland, contacted the police, informing them of what she has learned.

The police went to the house and after carrying out a search, discovered a tomb-like structure constructed by around 4 concrete block height.

The lawmen returned to the area on Tuesday and are presently making attempts to break through the concrete and exhume the bodies.

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