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Navy molester- Navy molester arrested and charged

SS the Showstopper
By SS the Showstopper

There is a bizarre and disturbing case of what many would say is a madman” in the navy seal. A navy molester filmed himself while performing a lewd act with a sleeping girl, raped a woman and was found with numerous images of child pornography on his cell phone. Some of the films included footage of an infant having sex with a dog, according to the allegations revealed in federal court in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Gregory Kyle Seerdan, a 31-year-old Seal Team One Petty officer first class, is believe to be the embodiment of evil, as the navy molester faces felony of child pornography and child sex assault charges in Virginia, following an investigative service in Norfolk.

The navy molester was identified in California and subsequently arrested, after Christi Pickett of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS)  filed and affidavit in Eastern District of Virginia on March 31, with details of an ongoing investigation.

Seerdan was indicted on 4 counts of related child pornography, including possession of and production of child pornography, which carries the minimum 15 years in prison if convicted.

Over 78 images and videos of child pornography, child performing unnatural sex act with animals, male and female children having sex, minors in bondage“including materials created on his cell phone,” were found in the cellphone of the navy molester, after it was seized by navy investigators, following the report of a woman who claimed she was sexually assaulted  by Seerdan in a hotel room at the military base while intoxicated.

“A photograph of Seerden sitting on a bed with two, unknown minor females and two unknown minor males,” one of the female is also in the child porn video he had on his cellphone,” investigators reported. They depict a young girl, between the ages of five and six, sleeping beside a man whose genitals were exposed. The videos show the man masturbating beside the girl, and using her hands and lips for sexual acts.

It was revealed that neither the child or the man’s face were shown in the videos and picture, police believe they depict Seerdan molesting a child. Pictures taken earlier that weekend showed Seerdan reading to two children in a bed. The clothing he and one of the children were wearing in those pictures, matches the clothing of the people in the pornographic video, according to court documents.




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