Natty Morgan: The Untold, Part 6

Natty Morgan’s gang was huge – a large backitive if you must ask. It consisted of about 20 people. Names like

  • Peter Lawrence
  • Pajan
  • Sam
  • Tiger
  • Wasp
  • Sabrina
  • Viviene
  • Bad Indian
  • Prince Mike
And many other like-minded people.. many of which had already died during his reign.
Bang became his rival over the disappearance of one of his weapons, an M16. As you can assume, Bang was a cold blooded killer. Who else would steal a weapon from another cold blooded killer, than one himself?
This meant war, of course. Disrespecting the Don in such a manner?
Bang had to flee the area, but he did not do this without some strength of his own. He recruited Teddy, Warrior D, and many more.  They headed to unfinished houses in Corville Gardens. At least they did not have to worry about rent.. not like many criminals have this concern any way. But that’s beside the point.
Bang was a serious guy. Not talkative, always grinding his teeth. He didn’t have much to say; but he always had a plan, which might include killing. So he did for his close friend Teddy, who he warned on several occasions not to attempt to collect extortion money from the Corville residence. But who cyaa hear will feel, and dem will feel suh til dem cyaa feel again. Dead.
He told Teddy he wanted to meet. They went to an abandoned building to have this meeting. Nothing unusual, nothing new. It is places such as this where they sought refuge. But this time, not to Teddy’s knowledge, was different. Bang was over it.
There was much betrayal between the new rivals. Remember, Bang and Natty were once associates, but when Bang decided to go his own way, the alliance parted for all to see whose side each person would choose.
Cutty Boy was part of Natty’s team, but even teammates switch. He sided with Bang when it all happened. Natty wanted revenge. He caught him off guard one day and opened fire, but Cutty Boy was swift!! He ran, ducked, and jumped through hurdles to save his life, until a bullet finally went into his lower left hand. He did not die, but his hand basically did. The autonomy in that arm was never the same.
Natty Morgan wreaked havoc in the badlands of Riverton city. He continued commiting murders, getting into shootouts, and living up to the evil name he made for himself.
Stay tuned.

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