Natty Morgan: The Untold, Part 5: Natty Vs. Sandokan  

Before reading this story, read our article on Sandokan. What Happened to Sandokan?

Natty Morgan’s Gang and Sandokan were connected via Spanish Town Main Road. They were actually friends at one point in time, being from the same area, having similar interests of spreading bloodshed. What was there to not bond over?

They often would partake in leisure activities together, drinking liquor, playing football.. They never killed together, though. Instead they bonded over their individual killings.

Their rivalry started when one of Sandokan’s men, Saltfish, lost a shootout with police in Riverton City, leaving him lifeless like a wild animal who had been hit by a car while crossing the highway. Sandokan, in his anger, killed any law enforcer who crossed his path. To add to his issues, him and Natty then had a discrepancy over missing guns.

Mikey, friend of Sandokan, went to Riverton City one evening. He had only gone to hang out. As he roamed the streets aimlessly in bliss, he bent one corner, opened his eyes, and saw the barrel of a gun. Natty’s men tortured him, beheaded him, sliced him up limb by limb then scattered his body over Riverton City as if a salt and pepper shaker had fallen and the grains slowly spread across the kitchen counter.

That was the end of any humanity Sandokan had left in him. He then declared war on Natty and his gang. One evening, he kidnapped Piko John, the man who led the purgatory and avenged Mikey’s death in the best way possible- by doing unto him what he had done to Mikey. They tortured him for hours and demanded Natty’s location, but he sealed his lips with crazy glue. They beheaded him and fed his remains to the swines at the hog pen in Riverton.

When Natty heard the story of Piko John, he emptied around six magazines in salute to Piko. He looked around at his men, his eyes spoke all the words that needed to be said. Their eyes did the same. They made a silent pact- Sandokan must be killed.

This was the declaration of war against Sandokan.

One evening after the incident, Natty and his men were at his girlfriend’s shop in the safety of their territory. Sandokan stormed in with his crew, all holding M16 rifles as their weapons of protection and terror. Right before Natty’s men fled, Natty advised them to pretend as if they were strapped until one man returned with their firearms.

The shootout that followed resembled bright flaring lights and loud noises that would cause an epilepsy attack. The brightness of the gunfire resembled fireworks. The sound of the various guns at various times sounded like a drum solo at a concert. It would almost make you forget that people were dying because the guns beat together in such perfect harmony.

The concert lasted one hour.

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