Natty Morgan: The Untold, Part 4.

The Jamaican Butcher apparently was not very violent during his childhood. One particular situation that seems to have changed him for the worst: getting shot by his brother in his foot and abdomen. Natty had a dispute between two men over factory extortion money, Belly and Donald, who recruited his brother-in-law, Nanko. In the incident, Nanko went to engage unsuspecting Natty in a friendly conversation. The man then attempted to kill Natty. He shot him and fled the scene so quickly that he forgot to ensure the deed was done.

The cops questioned Natty at the hospital, but he was no informer… or was it that he wanted the meat to himself? Nanko was held by the police but was shortly released thanks to his in-law’s refusal to apprise them. Nanko then went into hiding.

One evening as Natty feasted on dinner, someone let him know that Donald was passing by. In haste, Natty dropped his food and blurted, “Me soon come!”. Within no time, loud gunshots sprung nearby before Natty paced back into the yard warning everyone to vacate the area immediately. He had shot Donald.

The police sirens then crept upon the area quickly, but not before they managed to clear the scene.

Natty’s had some dangerous women in his gang. To paint the picture, the women were willing to go on a suicide mission if necessary.

One night Spungy and some other cops went on a mission to kill Natty while the sun was still out. To their surprise, Vivine came in the way and emptied bullets for two reasons: to stop the police from continuing their mission, and to warn Natty and his men that there is danger nearby. The police then shot back at her, killing her on spot.

The same night, Natty and his men went to the neighbouring community and almost burned the entire vicinity to a completely unrecognizable state.

This is where Natty’s Morgan’s dehumanized journey began.

Natty Morgan then assured Prince Mike, who refused to give him money owed, that he is welcome in the community. After betraying Natty, he did try to mend the alliance by sending funds. Because he felt safe by the criminal’s reassurance and the sunlight, he went along and paid him a visit. They “bonded” for a while before Natty sent someone for a sheet of zinc.

The second the zinc arrived, Natty shot Prince Mike, then lit a fire under the zinc. When the zinc became overheated, and the fire still burning underneath, he commanded the man to crawl onto the zinc. He refused, then Natty fired multiple shots at the man’s foot. In his fear, he then compiled.

The man was then roasted alive.

The Jamaican Butcher watched Prince Mike as he was stewed like a dead animal. The man’s entire family had to flee the community.



By Kristen Francis – Crime Reporter


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