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National Security Min. offers 100 Million Dollars in Rewards for Guns

Kingston, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – “Over 100 Million Dollars in rewards for guns! TIME TO GIVE UP THE GUNS and get back your life! ” Says Ministry of National Security, Jamaica. 

The Ministry has announced its reward system of over $100 Million JA dollars to all citizens and residents who report illegal fire arms that leads to the recovery of guns, ammunitions, and explosives. On the Ministry’s Facebook page the slogan is Let’s make Jamaica nice!

Jamaica’s Ministry of National Security is asking all citizens and residents to call Crime Stop at 311 if you know the where about of illegal fire arms and be REWARDED!

The Ministry is appealing to communities, reminding them of the harsh effects of crime, where parties and dances can’t go on, children can’t play safely, soccer matches can’t be held.


Semi-Automatic Pistols & Shotguns $100,000
Rifles/Sub-Machines- $150,000
Ammunition- Negotiable
Explosives- Negotiable
Revolvers- $75,000

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