National Certification Body Hails Quality Professionals

Jamaica News: The National Certification Body of Jamaica (NCBJ) has recognised the work of its quality professionals in ensuring the delivery of quality standards in the marketplace.

These professions, including auditors and technical experts, who have served the NCBJ from its inception in 2007, were honoured at a special luncheon held on Thursday (Nov. 28), at the Terra Nova Hotel in St. Andrew.

They work in the field on behalf of the entity to ensure that quality audits are delivered to clients on a consistent basis.

Manager of the NCBJ, Michelle Sturridge, said that the quality professionals are the “lifeblood of this organisation.”

“We salute you…the agency recognises your consistency and commitment to developing Jamaica as a nation built on standards and quality,” she said.

Chairman of the Bureau of Standards Jamaica’s (BSJ) Standards Council, Senator Matthew Samuda, in his remarks, said that the work of the auditors and technical experts is helping to make Jamaica competitive globally.

“We are in a global village; we have unique challenges and the only way we will overcome those challenges is by approaching everything we do with a particular quality and standardisation,” he said.

President of the Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters’ Association, Richard Pandohie, who was the guest speaker at the event, said Jamaica must embrace a culture of quality, noting that this is critical in enabling the country to achieve sustainable economic growth.

He commended the NCBJ on its commitment “to developing a culture of quality within the Jamaican business sector, through its programme of quality management and certification.”

The NCBJ’s quality professionals appreciation luncheon was held in observance of World Quality Day under the theme: ‘100 Years of Quality’.

The organisation offers certification services to companies in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean.

It plays an integral role in the institutional strengthening and promotion of the National Quality Infrastructure, working closely with the manufacturing and service sectors, and public and private sector organisations.

The NCBJ also ensures that adequate controls are in place to reduce threats to impartiality and conflict of interest in its certification activities.


Source: JIS News

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