Born and raised in Allman Town, Kingston, Jamaica, Natassia Wright, 31, came from humble beginnings and from an early age she was taught true survival skills as she had to fend for herself after losing both parents by the time she was 15 years old. Natassia father’s was a Police Officer who died in the line of duty when she was only 10 years old. While at the Wolmer’s Girls’ School she then lost her mother at age 15… the weeken d before she sat her final High School Examinations (CXC). It was at this point that she knew there had to be a purpose in her life and though she didn’t quite know what it was, she became determined to find out.

After mustering up the courage to complete her examinations and gain six Grade twos and two Grade ones in her CXCs, she enrolled at the University of Technology where she pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Production and Operations Management with a minor in International Business on a half scholarship from the Ministry of National Security. Her struggles continued as the very week she started UTECH her grandmother who was now her only guardian died from a cancerous tumor in her stomach which was only a year after her mother’s death.

She pushed on through UTECH with the hope that one day her life would change. Natassia recalled the family house burning down only a few months before her dad was shot and killed, having to go through molestation, seeing poverty all around her and no sign of hope. She said something deep within her told her that that was certainly not her future.

By the time Natassia left university, she was not sure where her destiny lied. It was a former university classmate, her then boyfriend who took her to church. Natassia gave her life to God and she got married to Jamar Wright.


Natassia and her husband Jamar participated in a mentorship programme with Empowerment Coach, Alvin Day and started sending out e-mail morning inspirations, which has now evolved into their business — Mind Food International Limited, that aims to develop, activate and transform people to become leaders. Subsequently, Wright and her husband held an Empowerment Forum in 2013 with 80 participants, which has since become an annual event that attracts over 100 people.

Today they have held over 30 different seminars which focus on various areas in life. They have published their first book, ‘Mind Food: Recharge Your Mind: 31 Day Inspirational Guide Jump Start Your Day, Your Life, Your Dream’ and a second book – ‘30 Days to a Renewed Mind,’ which looks at how to remove negative mindsets. They have finished penning a third book called ‘Hope Giver: From Woundedness to Wholeness.’ Wright is also keen on giving back to her hometown yearly, through a street sports day and treat in Allman Town. Both herself and her husband are radio talk show host on news talk 93FM, the programme is called “The Hope Dealers”.

Mind Food’s latest expansion has resulted in conferences that have been held internationally, including “Leading Leaders at the Next Level” in South Florida in February 2019, “The Influencers” held in New York in May 2019 and many others to follow. Their last event was in June 2019 “The Caribbean Leadership Summit” that was endorsed by the Governor General himself. The event saw participants from over 12 Corporate Entities who were fully engaged throughout the sessions. Their events attract Jamaica’s finest Corporate Executives and Entrepreneurs to facilitate sessions to help develop the nation. Natassia and her husband continue to impact the world not only in the public sphere but also in Corporate Organizations, as she is called upon to train staff in various areas.

Natassia Wright, the co-founder & event manager of Mind Food International is an internationally known author, Leadership Practitioner, radio talk show host, youth advocate and inspirational speaker. Her company Mind Food is known for providing the ultimate conference/training experience whether Corporate or otherwise both locally and on the international scene. The work of Mind Food has allowed for Natassia and Jamar to be awarded the Governor General’s Award for Excellence in Leadership in the parish of St. Catherine 2019.

Natassia specializes in teaching about purpose and destiny as well as how to evolve in the leader one ought to be. She is currently pursuing her master’s in Business Administration at the UWI, Mona School of Business with specialization in Human Resources. She is the mother of one daughter, Amiyah Wright who just turned 5years old in May. She and Jamar have been married for 6years.

Her favorite quote is “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” by Mahatma Gandhi

Her messages reach thousands of followers daily. Follow her @Natassiawright on Instagram and Natassia Wright on Facebook. For bookings, please call 876-860-0507 or email [email protected]

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