Narcotic Police Seized over $1-Billion Worth of Cocaine, and $17-Million Worth of Ganja, Since January

The Narcotics police are reporting that it has seized over $1-billion worth of cocaine, and over $17-million in Ganja, since the start of the year.

The Narcotics Division also reported that it has arrested over 100 persons in connection with these seizures, which includes 6 foreign nationals.

So far, approximately 14,678 kilograms of ganja, with an estimated street value of over $17,613,669.00 has been seized

Cocaine weighing 248.948 kilograms, and estimated at$1,846,245,668.12 have also been seized.

The latest seizure occurred at Robin Bay, in Portland, on Saturday, May 29, when the JDF Coast Guards intercepted a 30-foot vessel, and found it to be transporting 800 pounds of compressed Ganja.

The estimated street value of that seizure is said to be approximately $3-million dollars.

One-hundred and eighty-three cases have been brought before the court, with 56 of the cases already been disposed of, and convictions have been made in 53 of these cases.

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