Names and Photos of Several Hunt’s Bay Police Officers Found on “Hit List” in Whatsapp Group

Police Officer Hit List

Jamaica Crime News, Kingston: Police officers assigned to the Hunt’s Bay area and the St Andrew South Police Division area are now taking extra precaution after they have learned that a gang operating in the area, placed some members of the police force attached to the Hunt’s Bay Police Station on a hit list.

According to police reports, on Tuesday, September 11, two men were picked up during a raid and were taken to the Hunts Bay Police station. They were subsequently searched and their cell phones seized.

Further reports are that detectives searched the phones and discovered a WhatsApp chat group with a message that displayed the names and photographs of five police officers on a hit list. In the same message, a man who the police said is “a person of interest” stated that he was willing to take on the job.

The police have since launched a search for the persons involved, who they say are part of an organised criminal gang.


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