Mystery Surrounds Story Of Mad Man Smashing Student’s Head

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News)- Mystery Surrounds Story Of Mad Man Smashing Student’s Head: The police in Montego Bay have reported that  to date, they have not managed to locate a female student at the Cornwall Regional Hospital, who was said to have been seriously wounded by a mentally challenged man in the second city on Tuesday.

According to the police, it is alleged that the mentally challenged man, reportedly used a piece of iron to inflict several wounds to the head of  a female student. The insane man was later beaten, almost to death.

Commuters at the scene reported that shortly after 1:30 pm on Tuesday November 14, the student and a small boy were walking from school along Barnett Street, St James.

On reaching a section of the roadway, the female student was attacked by the mentally challenged man, who started to beat her repeatedly in her head. The small child fell to the ground unconscious, and immediately several commuters who witnessed what was taking place, rushed to her assistance and started to beat the insane man repeatedly.

The student was rushed off to hospital immediately by a taxi operator. The madman was beaten unconscious and his life was spared after police officers rushed to the scene and held the angry crowd at bay. He too was rushed off to hospital by the police.

The police are now saying that up to date, doctors at the Cornwall Regional Hospital say they have no report of a wounded student being brought to the facility, only the badly beaten insane man.

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