Myles High-End Human Hair – A Hair-Raising Story !!!!!

Exclusive: USA (McKoy’s News) Myles High-End Human Hair – A Hair-Raising Story!!!!! : You might very well say that about the story of Ms. Sharon Myles, originally from Kingston, Jamaica, now a name known all across the United States of America. Mckoy’s News took time out recently to explore the phenomenal success of this lady.

Mckoy’s News: Ms. Sharon Myles, you have built a remarkable reputation all over the USA. Tell us about this.

Sharon: Well, it has all been done by, on the one hand, the tremendous demand for Human Hair in the cosmetics industry, and on the other, my ability to provide the highest quality Human hair to clients. For 20 years now, Myles High-End Human Hair has provided authentic quality human hair. I started in Jamaica, then continued operations in the United States.

Mckoy’s News: So how did you get started?

Sharon: Well, it all goes back to 1988, when I became the mother of a beautiful baby girl. She became the motivation to get started on a career, and I chose cosmetology. Because I saw a growing demand for human hair in the cosmetology field, I expanded the business to include this. My move to the United States gave me further opportunity to exploit the demand for Human hair, but of course, there were many challenges in setting up business overseas. I found that in the cosmetics business, the important factor for success is pleasing the customer.Your reputation for being the best, and excellent customer service spreads quickly, and that makes it so much easier to expand your market. And so, today 20 years later, Myles High-End Human Hair is a household word in the hair business.

Mckoy’s News: Great! So how do you keep such a wide range of clients?

Sharon: Well, you have to give the customers what they want. In addition to supplying hair, I am an accomplished hair expert and hairstylist, and use the products that satisfy customers demands.

Brazil is regarded as the leading supplier of Human hair, and I supply Brazilian Curly weave, Brazilian straight weave, Brazilian loose weave..and our prices are reasonable and affordable.Don’t forget we are all over the United States, and you can contact us online….

Mckoy’s News: Amazing! Sharon, how would you advise a young person wanting to get into the business?

Sharon: You have to above all, believe in yourself, stay focused and be always positive, there is no room for negativity.Be always pleasant to your clients, that’s the best advertising.

Remember, if you want to reach me, I am on Facebook, Instagram, and my website…

Mckoy’s News: Ms. Sharon Myles, we must congratulate you on your progress over the years, and wish you all the very best for your operations in the future.

Sharon: Thank you so much.



Errol Smith

CEO Ultimatexperience Radio

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