My Work Defines Me – Tandra J

When we say workaholic there are countless friends and people we see daily that fit that description. We sometimes take for granted some of these people and the hard work they put in. Let us look on one such person. Let’s start with the fact she’s a female in a male-dominated industry. Let us look at the fact that she’s in entertainment and she’s worked with the best of them and in the best and some of the most remote parts of the world.
Her name is Tandra Jhagroo. She’s an engineer, producer, manager, female activist and so many more slashes to her name.

She is noted for being part of the duo that managed “Tanto Blacks”. She produced the first all-female album dedicated to empowering and uplifting women in the Caribbean. She has produced for acts like Munga, Chi Ching, VoiceMail. She has engineered for the likes of Drake, Amy Winehouse, Charley Blacks, Beyonce and many more.

When we sat down with her, she described her come up as more like a lover of science, physics and frequencies. Tandra Jhagroo is a born Canadian with both parents from Jamaica. Since she’s known herself she’s been spending time between Jamaica and Canada until she packed it all in and decided to stay. Since grounding herself she has taught Pro Tools, engineered and voiced for majority of the A-listers long with Drake, Junior Gong and the Marleys. She has surpassed her own original expectations. She will also tell you its ok to set new goals and push boundaries.

So in a male dominant industry, this soft-spoken lady has carved and established herself in mainstream Reggae, Dancehall and pop music. Sitting on boards to assist other women grow and see their full potentials is what her “GURLES” (part of the board) organisation is about. She speaks highly and proud of what they do and where they are going. How they think it’s important to help and assist not only the women in music but women who would like to push and display their intellectual properties.

So the next time we hear a next hit. It might just be from her. Or maybe she’s managing the act. Or she probably taught the engineer behind the board. We salute you Tandra keep doing what you do.

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